Can’t make up your mind? Need a second opinion? Just snap a photo!


Sit back and see what people Tiinkk.

Stop Thinking and
Start Tiinkking

Tiinkk is the fresh new decision sharing app. Can’t make up your mind? Take a photo or two, post it, and wait for the opinions to flood in. From sunglasses to wine, cars to holiday destinations everybody has an opinion and now they can share it. Tiinkk lets you connect in a whole new way, so stop thinking and start tiinkking.

Set your timer

Do you need an opinion right now? In a few hours? Next week? Set your timer so your friends know when they need to jump onto Tiinkk and help you out. When the time is up share your decision with those that helped you make it!

Direct messages

If you don’t want to share your post with everyone you can send a direct Tiinkk to a friend to get a one‐on‐one opinion (perfect for when you’re buying a sneaky gift for a special someone).


Stats are updated in real time to give you a quick snapshot of what your friends and the Tiinkk community are thinking about your post.


See what other users are posting, browse the hashtags, connect to tiinkkers around the world and lend your opinion along the way.

Return the favour

Help other tiinkkers out when they make a post. Share your opinion and help your friends and followers in their time of need.

“People have been tiinkking and they didn't even know it. My goal is to get as many people on board with the Tiinkk vision. Sometimes you just need a stranger’s opinion…”
Joshua Winterton – Tiinkk CEO

Why think when you can

It’s free! Invite your friends and have fun!

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